I remember my grandma’s words she told me one day when I visited her back home years ago- just drink tap water, it tastes great in this city. The taste and smell of tap water have always been strange to me, but no one seemed to understand what was I talking about. And then I moved to the UK when my eastern European friends were asking me to taste it here and tell the difference.

It still haunts me and I am not even exaggerating. The strong chlorine mixed with something I don’t want to know the name for was so sickening and upsetting that I even had issues washing hands or face in it. Over years, my British friends never knew what was I on about, so I just stopped engaging in a conversation about the water quality. Now years ago, I can understand why. Although I don’t smell it anymore, everyone who has visited me from back home does. You just get used to it over years.

The same way we get used to feeling unhealthy, uncomfortable, and passive. I see people every day in the practice. Most of them come in extremely poor health conditions at first ( I say first as the majority of them seem to become more aware of toxins, pollution, and unhealthy patterns during care). The most upsetting part is the lack of motivation to improve the individual’s health and there are a few reasons why, including convenience.

  1. It is much easier to pop pills every time a symptom or condition comes. We are taught at schools, listening to health practitioners (not all of them) and media- for every issue, there is a pill made of some sort. Now, I am not against medication as it can save someone’s life, help manage severe conditions and get someone living longer despite having a life span shortening diagnosis, which is amazing! But the same people do not seem to teach us more about the prevention, pollution, stress, and toxins that can actually cause these conditions.
  2. Improving health is a full-time job. It starts from waking up in the morning to being safe asleep at night. It requires scheduling, putting aside the time for yourself, dealing with your demons, and knowing your body well despite having a family, stressful jobs, etc.
  3. You cannot reach perfection in health. We are all different, supplements, diet, exercise regime that works for others, won’t work the same for you. It is all about getting to know your body over years and years of practice, being kind and active in your healthcare. You won’t reach perfect health, but you will get closer to it. And non-healthy days/weeks will happen!
  4. Your body does not attack you, hate you, or do things out of nowhere. It’s a mindset I see all the time in the practice and when talking to a few friends: “My body is annoying, it hates me, why is there always something happening with it, I am a mess!’’ Your body is there to protect you and communicate to you every time there is an issue with your lifestyle and your system itself. If we don’t listen to it and agree with your practitioner when they say everything is alright (when you know it’s not) of course it will feel worse over years!
  5. Lack of energy. I will be honest, when I have had an exhausting day, I just want to get in bed and have a takeaway, we are all humans! The issue becomes an issue when your body is consistently tired and you don’t feel like doing anything for a long period of time. Are you lacking important nutrients/vitamins/minerals in your body? Are you pushing yourself day in and out without taking relaxing days for yourself? Are you feeding the body foods you wouldn’t even feed your child? Are you sitting in the office all day long and don’t engage in any activities to get your body moving? There lie a few of your issues then.


If you read this and feel personally attacked, don’t be. We always think others have it much easier in life to start their health journey. I was very unhealthy as a child and a teenager, it has taken me years of studying, learning about body’s and people, and myself to become healthier. I have empathy and love for people, and it saddens me when I see others suffering.

Take this as a little motivation to start your Monday better. Or have a weekend with a recharging nap or a walk at the park. Or skip that 4th coffee today, get your D3 vitamin dose instead.

We are also here to help in your body’s recovery, just get in touch!

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