After another day of getting entirely soaked within 5 minutes of my existence outside, I have decided to spend a couple of days at home recharging and regaining my energy and peace to then be able to share the love and vitality with our clients coming to our office next week.

There is something about November/December time that gets my mind and body going into a hibernation state. Very similar to the scene you see when observing animals and the nature. Everything and everyone slows down, world takes on a different pace and people are starting to look forward to that favourite time of the year. But we will reserve that topic for another blog.

As the days get shorter and the dark takes over the city quicker, we are left with fairy lights, expensive heating bills and Waitrose stollen pieces that I occasionally indulge into despite my body making a massive fuss due to gluten sensitivity. Late autumn is always a reminder to take your supplements, especially one of my favourites- D3 vitamin.

I remember the first time my GP discovered that I am severely deficient of D3 vitamin during my teenage years. The struggle of getting up every morning, sleeping for 12 hours non stop, constant fatigue, never ending headaches was the tipping point for me and my family. When my GP finally decided that D3 checks were a priority, the discovery of the levels in my blood were shockingly low. That low kind- where your doctor tells you they haven’t seen anything like it before- type. That type where you feel scared, but extra special at the same time.

Since then I have been reading and educating myself of the importance of D3 levels (not to be confused with D2 in your ”Kellogs”  corn flake ones) and getting surprised everytime I see people stocking up on less than 1000IU dosage for the winter time, which is definitely not enough for majority of population, especially elderly (for bone density,  cell regeneration) and people with darker skin tones.

D3 has been widely known for improving immune system function, aiding calcium absorption in the body, improving the mood (helping with anxiety and depression), increasing alertness and energy levels, decreasing inflammation in the body, decreasing risk of cancer (especially breast tissue growths). The list goes on and on.

I have heard of far too many people/professionals worried about D3 vitamin overdose. Now this statement always amazes me as majority of people are somewhat deficient and face much higher risks from deficiencies rather the overdose itself? Even research shows the average winter intake shouldn’t be less than 4000IU, however, to put your mind at ease, there is always a chance to chat about the D3 importance and testing the levels with your practitioner.

PS Don’t miss out on health, take care of yourselves and keep some sunshine in your body by getting your body all straightened up and adjusted.

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