April has come and brought more sunshine, warmer temperatures, happier people and better hope for the future. My energy levels start rising, it’s easier to wake up and it feels like there is more to look forward to- longer days, greener scenery and daffodils- oh how I love the the beautiful bright yellow happy spring reminding colour they have. Birds are happily chirping, life is waking up and so do people. I always notice the changes in client’s moods when it comes to change in seasons. Grumpy ones show a smile once in a while and happy ones get even happier. People tend to talk more and we get into more interesting conversations.

I had an interesting question coming from one of my clients today regards magnesium and I discovered that I am not fully aware of different types of magnesium supplements, so I decided to dig deeper as this stuff excites me. Due to having more clients than usual suffering with anxiety or higher period of stress it was great to discover that instead of popular Magnesium citrate, there is a better option available specifically designed for more sensitive nervous systems, which is called Magnesium glycinate. It acts as a relaxing neurotransmitter to aid in reducing inflammatory processes in the body, reducing stress response and target a better quality of sleep. It is much more gentle on people who experience digestive issues with taking more common magnesium supplements or in general- do not have a good gut health.

Magnesium malate seems to be the magnesium type that has the most bioavailability,which means that you simply get more of magnesium absorbed from it. It is advised to take magnesium malate when your body is lacking it severely or you suffer with more pronounced pain syndroms, migraines and even depression. It can however cause some stress onto your digestive system, so follow your body’s response to it.

Magnesium Citrate is simply more popular and more widly used supplement and has been used commonly as a laxative aid and provides benefits for muscle and nerve function, however, is not often advised to take long term due to laxative nature.


So I thought I would share my findings with you if you ever wonder which one to start with or simply have a chat with your doctor and decide together if unsure!

Otherwise, give us a call if your body is is need of a good spring top up, we are here to help.

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