We have had an influx of migraine clients this month and I always find it so detrimental for anyone’s day to day lives. Once you get them, if severe enough, they can last hours to days and get you completely immobile and lose every will to do your normal daily activities. It might feel like your body is hating you and trying to “get back at you” for every single thing you have done to it, however, there is always a reason for each significant pain and ache, normally signaling that there is something not quite right and needs to be corrected/improved health wise.

Now with migraines, I will be honest, I find them extremely difficult to work with and the reason why is very simple- they can come from various factors in our lifestyle, like stress, dietary choices/intolerances, physical traumas, issues within the body itself like deficiencies or reduced function of an organ or system itself, or a mix of all the named issues previously.

Clients generally respond well to chiropractic care (when longer period of care is followed) as chiropractic itself helps with various parts of the issues I went through before. It tends to lower stress levels, helps with better healing of traumatic injuries, aids in better function of nervous system which is then responsible for getting rid of toxins out of your body, improving organ function and get your body more upright and better moving. It also helps to relax your muscles which can sometimes refer to the areas where the migraines are showing the most.

However, there is a minority that does not see any difference whatsoever with care, which I think is very important that I discuss here. It does not mean that someone cannot be helped. Most of the times it simply means that there is something else you can try yourself. Migraines that are non responsive to any other therapies, can be a sign of hormonal imbalances, gut issues, vitamin deficiencies or extreme intolerence to something you are eating or drinking. Common triggers food wise are fizzy/sugary drinks (yes, zero sugar drinks are also an issue, sweeteners don’t make it healthier!!!!) , gluten, yeast and dairy products. Why is this good news? Because you can get blood tests, stool tests,intolerance tests and simply experiment with everything that you are eating or drinking (food diaries are amazing in finding these things out if you are patient enough).

So have a chat with your GP and remember, there is always something you can do! If you are suffering and your body is telling you there is something not quite right, and you want to try us as one of your healing steps, we are here to help!

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