I had a chat with my grandmother this weekend and she talked a lot about how she does not enjoy the winter, snow, cold and slippery roads,all being the reason she does not feel safe walking down the street. Her osteoporosis and multiple falls in the past (without any fractures suprisingly) has made sure she has scared herself to the maximum and does not show her face outside for 3-6 months depending on the weather outside. Winter is also the time she feels the most miserable body wise and I am pretty sure a majority of people would agree with her. We notice more aches and pains, more flareups, more stress, less energy and dive into more moody and sometimes even depressive thoughts. But is it the winter itself that comes with it’s evil cold and humid shoulder hugging the world and making sure everyone in the world feels miserable and suffocated enough or is there something else going on?

Many things! One of them I want to discuss today is about the movement, specifically lack of it during the winter (and lockdown), giving some credit to my grandma initiating the conversation.

Exercising as we all know has an amazing effect on different areas in our lifes, one of which would be stress. It is like a vicous cycle- the more stress, the more inflammation, the more pain, less energy, less ability to concentrate for longer periods of time, less effeciency and more distorted reality. When we feel overwhelmed, the only thing that might seem appealing at the time is to hide under the duvet and don’t face society for as long as possible. Luckily, movement/exercises have been proven to reduce anxiety and depression by making fight or flight less reactive, increase the energy levels and reduce depressive thoughts. Which then leads to a chain of beneficial things happening!

Exercise and movement also has a massive role in spinal and overall body health. The more movement, the more nutrients distributed throughout the body, the more we train the muscles supporting our spine and pelvis, the stronger and more stable the body gets decreasing the risk for injuries. Every time with move and exercise our bodies, the brain cells are supplied with oxygen, new brain cells are created  and new synapses are created leading to more efficient learning, less brain fog and has even proven to help increase better socializing abilities!

Honestly, I have never heard of anyone regretting going for a walk unless they have met someone they didn’t want to that day or slipped and fell into the puddle of water. So let’s get that body moving, because even with a lockdown in order, one long one is definitely allowed.

Also, give us a call and see our team if you feel like your body is in need for an extra care this week. Keep moving and have a lovely week!


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