It’s Halloween today. It is the first time in many years I am not working on a Halloween’s day, so I woke up quite excited to go out later in the evening and have a look at the decorated houses and trick or treaters. Well. There was no one outside. Has to be something to do with the gusty and howling wind and rain? We did, however, see a few amazingly decorated houses and a couple of ‘’no trick or treating’’ signs on the doors. I always wonder what the reasons behind those signs are, as you have to be taking some time and effort to cut it, write on it and stick it on your door.

Lack of candy? Disapproval of such celebration? Anxiety, feeling uneasy around people? I never judge. I wonder. I also love looking through the windows when the curtains are open. Not in a weird stalker kind of a look- just imagining how other families live. Do they sit together at the dinner table in the evenings? Do they read stories to their kids before going to bed? There are also older people in a couple of houses I have seen. Do they live alone? I hope they have a few friends or family members who can visit. It must be difficult to be on your own. They need a cat. Cats are fun when you are not allergic.

I am sure you also have neverending thoughts that your mind comes up with. We can have more than 6000 thoughts a day on average. It seems too little for my brain tho. I bet I go through 6000 in the morning whilst making a cup of tea. What I got interested in was if most of them are positive or negative. It sounds worse having 6000 negative thoughts a day than 6000 positive ones. As I have started meditating more frequently, it has been the best time to notice and examine them more.

Unfortunately, most people (including myself) will notice that most of the little voices in their heads are negative. They consist of general worries of life, different scenarios that we go over and over again and worrying about things that might (or might not) happen. If you read a lot of self-help books, the advice is very similar in most of them, because it works for most people: Breathing techniques, meditation, exercises and therapy aims to help change the mindset towards thinking different. Why is that important tho?

Negative thoughts and emotions affect your stress levels, which then can cause hormone imbalances, age us more quickly, lead to sleep issues and other problems in the body. It makes the world seem more grey and upsetting, so it is harder to enjoy your Monday mornings and social interactions. We become less resilient to diseases and everyday lifestyle effects. Our relationships get affected negatively, we started finding other ways to forget and distract ourselves. Netflix, video games, hiding inside, sleeping long hours, lying on the sofa the whole day, these are all signs that you are not entirely happy with what is going on in your life. Don’t get me wrong- we all need a couple of Netflix days once in a while, but if you start noticing it is a pattern, it’s time to evaluate some things in life. Are you satisfied with what you have? Maybe you need help and if you do-who can help in your situation?

The beauty of life nowadays is that there are so many resources and options available to make your life better.

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