It is a rainy and extremely windy Sunday morning as I am writing this and nothing makes a life better than full on heating, lighting up the candles and being with your partner watching cheesy comedy in the background on the sofa. Now, when it comes to autumn months, our wardrobes fill up with chunky winter sweaters, scarves and woollen knickers. Queues are piling outside Starbucks in order to get their first overpriced and overrated pumpkin spice latte (yes, I have had my first one already) and everyone is suddenly a chef specializing in dishes involving courgettes and pumpkins. All of that aside, what I cannot imagine our autumn season without our teas, especially a freshly cut ginger lemon honey tea.

I do not have a specific recipe to share, but what I do is simply toss a piece of cut ginger root, add a lemon slice and mix it with some honey and pour some hot water on top. Research claims that we do reduce nutrients when water reaches a certain high temperature in the tea so don’t go too hot, but I am willing to sacrifice a few of those to get some of that divine hot beverage in me.

Did you know? Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and not only helps with achiness, stiffness and cramps, but also aids in lowering the blood pressure and increase liver function and even helps drop liver fat! During your chiropractic care, we do work with a lot of issues connected to increases in the inflammatory processes in the body and decrease in the body’s ability to get rid of toxins which makes it even harder when the liver function is not at its 100% as it is such an important organ involved in this process.

So go on, enjoy your first pumpkin spice latte of the season, but don’t forget to add a ginger cuppa in your autumnal routine.

Ieva Gribuste

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