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How important is Vitamin D?

After another day of getting entirely soaked within 5 minutes of my existence outside, I have decided to spend a couple of days at home recharging and regaining my energy and peace to then be able to share the love and vitality with our clients coming to our office next…
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Pumpkin Power

Sundays are my to do days, I often feel inspired and ready to get stuff done. This morning has started differently as we have woken up to an empty fridge with a couple of sweet potatoes, some tinned goods and a small pumpkin left, which does not leave too much…
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Beating the Autumn Blues with Ginger

It is a rainy and extremely windy Sunday morning as I am writing this and nothing makes a life better than full on heating, lighting up the candles and being with your partner watching cheesy comedy in the background on the sofa. Now, when it comes to autumn months, our…
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Healthy Living Habits

The start of a new season brings awareness of the things that you may like to do in the coming months. Along with the goals you set and plans you make this fall, take time for yourself and make HEALTH part of your every day for the upcoming months. We…
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