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UTI? Not again.

December is beautiful, isn’t it? We are back to the excitement of Christmas and everything seems to be the same every single year. There is the stress about your uncle’s present, as he doesn’t seem to like anything EVER and getting mesmerised by the beautiful Christmas lights on the main…
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Night night!

As the dark evenings approach earlier, it seems like people’s energy is changing. Some are getting less energetic, some prefer to spend their weekends inside and some really struggle mentally with less sunshine and warmth. I remember my school years, where I found myself being very productive at school during…
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Your thoughts matter

It’s Halloween today. It is the first time in many years I am not working on a Halloween’s day, so I woke up quite excited to go out later in the evening and have a look at the decorated houses and trick or treaters. Well. There was no one outside.…
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You can feel sad if others are doing worse

Weekend of sun and up to 20 degrees. How great has this October been so far? I do not want to jinx it, but as long as this month stays warm, colourful, and relatively dry, I can appreciate autumn more this year. Halloween is creeping in and I have decided…
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Mold is not welcome in this house

September has been amazing this month! Most of the days have been warm and sunny, everyone is outside breathing fresh autumn air, keeping mobile, and slowly getting ready for some Halloween vibes. Pumpkin spiced latte is back up again, earlier than usual this year, however, people have been dealing with…
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Take your shoes off!

We and our bodies are connected. The better awareness we have about our bodies, the more we understand when we are not well and can decide then what needs to be done to get the issue corrected. Chiropractic is great at increasing that mind-body connection. Having it as a part…
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Health and convenience

I remember my grandma’s words she told me one day when I visited her back home years ago- just drink tap water, it tastes great in this city. The taste and smell of tap water have always been strange to me, but no one seemed to understand what was I…
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Do you remember when..?

I read an interesting book recently and you have probably seen it if you enjoy wandering around the bookshops or the WHSmith’s book section- “The book you wish your parents have read (and your children will be glad that you did)” by Philippa Perry. It was recommended by a friend,…
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What is in your sunscreen?

It’s July! The season of hot and sunny weather (not in UK tho), the dresses and shorts time, juicy strawberry fields, and beautiful beach views. July is definitely my favourite month of the year, however, I might be slightly biased as it is also my birthday month. I decided to…
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Friday thinking

I saw my family last week after a year and a half being dependant on skype/zoom calls. It taught me a few things as it has never been that long of not seeing them and being back in my home country. I woke up super energetic every morning, despite definitely…
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