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Drinking water wrong?

It has been a fall-like spring, but it does feel nice having longer days, warmer temperatures and the beautiful blossom scent in the air. Our clients have been travelling more after a couple of years of restrictions and life just seems more normal. We went to have an iced latte…
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Screen time

Easter has passed and the weather has us spoiled! I and my partner went to beautiful York for the weekend and had an amazing experience. It is a small, but adorable city full of tourists, small independent shops and streets to discover. Beautiful buildings, rivers and greenery. Our Airbnb was…
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Surrounded by plants

I go through phases of plant buying- there are days that I spend browsing multiple plant selling websites as I have this excessive need to surround myself with more and more greens at home – then I stop for a while, mainly due to them dying in a relatively short…
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Oh the smell of coffee

My partner is a coffee addict- at least that is what he says. I do enjoy the smell and occasional taste of it, but it sends my anxiety over the roof, so I tend to stick to decaf if needed. I do, however, like to have a few sips from…
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Let there be light!

March is finally here and I can officially start calling it springtime. It has not felt like it tho with the grey skies and the chilly wind! Having my daily walks around the block keeps reminding me of late autumn-pre wintertime with no signs of spring yet. The storm we…
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Valentine’s day is around the corner and we know what it means- chocolate hearts, roses and a glass of bubbly. I often hear people screaming ‘’but we celebrate our love every day, not just on a specific day of the year’’ and I do agree that you should show your…
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Straighten up!

I was at school and like with most of us, we sat in one spot, reading, writing for long periods of time or playing video games at home whilst the parents don’t notice. Years and years of sitting, reading, looking down… I started getting back and shoulder aches with more…
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Hello, 2022!

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling various emotions when it comes to this year. There is the feeling of the unknown, which has made me slightly nervous and even fearful occasionally. There is also the excited part of me that wants to make this year better and…
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UTI? Not again.

December is beautiful, isn’t it? We are back to the excitement of Christmas and everything seems to be the same every single year. There is the stress about your uncle’s present, as he doesn’t seem to like anything EVER and getting mesmerised by the beautiful Christmas lights on the main…
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Night night!

As the dark evenings approach earlier, it seems like people’s energy is changing. Some are getting less energetic, some prefer to spend their weekends inside and some really struggle mentally with less sunshine and warmth. I remember my school years, where I found myself being very productive at school during…
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