I saw my family last week after a year and a half being dependant on skype/zoom calls. It taught me a few things as it has never been that long of not seeing them and being back in my home country.

I woke up super energetic every morning, despite definitely not being an early bird normally. Every day, there was a lot of planning to make sure we do everything in the relatively short time we are given together. My energy levels kept high and I wasn’t tired late in the evenings. We ate well (and a lot) and my digestion was the best it has been for a long time, no acid reflux, no indigestion. My stress levels were the lowest they have been. My mom even checked my heart rate as it is normally (not normal tho) 90+ per minute, now surprising me with 65. My body felt like I have been treating it with the best spas, massages, food, and love. I spend as much time as possible hugging my parents and grandparents, having dinners and walks together, and took as many pictures as possible.

I even learned new things about people in my home city. Remembering myself back at school, people used to seem very closed off, sad, and even rude occasionally. Things have changed or maybe my perspective has. I ended up having great chats with nurses who did my covid tests, independent shop owners, and even random people queueing for shop entrance.

One fact for sure is that everyone is desperate for a connection after all this pandemic mess. People want hugs, see smiles and laughter and talk to each other. And I appreciate that, as I could fall in love with my country again and enjoy a very well spent time with my family and get even closer to each other than before.

Chiropractic adjustments were a big hit in my family during the week together, my grandma got few good days with better mobility and less pain, which is amazing to see! My grandpa felt like 18 years old again after his adjustments, as he didn’t think he could anymore.


So what is the lesson/s here?

Love, hugs, and having your favorite people around you will positively affect your mental and physical health.

Everyone (some even without knowing it) craves love and affection and connection with others.

Chiropractic adjustments are adored by most people and having a chiropractor in the family is a huge plus!

When you see things and people from another perspective, it changes everything.

Family (when having a good relationship with them) is a treasure to take care of and appreciate the time spent together.


FInishing this blog, I want to make sure you know that we are excited to see you at Complete Health and make sure you get some well-deserved love for yourself and your body.

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