I don’t know about you, but I am feeling various emotions when it comes to this year. There is the feeling of the unknown, which has made me slightly nervous and even fearful occasionally. There is also the excited part of me that wants to make this year better and work towards a better me, including health, relationships, work, finances etc. We, humans, enjoy the sense of comfort, familiarity, safety (of course there are exceptions) and as these couple of years have definitely not been shouting comfort and safety, there is a level of anxiety going on as another year comes.

As I was sitting with my glass of champagne in front of tv’s countdown, there were various thoughts that ran through my mind, so I decided to write them down.

  1. Winters are easier to get through if you have appropriate clothing. I got a coat made for low Canadian type temperatures (-20C) and warm waterproof winter boots. I have always been extremely cold during winter and only recently decided to save up some money to buy proper winter attire and oh dear, life has been good since.
  2. Physical and mental health is the priority and you have to be proactive, not handle it to someone else to sort out. I hear people complaining about doctors/healthcare systems all the time. But very rarely there is someone actually going and doing their own research, tests and putting the work in to find the right doctor. There are many!
  3. Clients who manage their mental health improve quicker than those with overwhelming anxiety. There is definitely a difference between someone who improves quickly and who doesn’t and the most common reason is their mental state. If the stress and anxiety are high and not managed properly, we are looking at a very long term recovery.
  4. I really love living by the sea!!! It’s the air, the seagulls (yes, I find them adorable), the coffee shops, sunsets and walks.
  5. Why do we eat so much during Christmas??? Seriously, my digestion has been protesting since Christmas day. And it is the same every single year.
  6. The world is full of various business opportunities. I have been very creative last year with coming up with multiple ideas and it is actually quite fun and breaks the boring routine!
  7. Books are fun, but the more you read, the more there is to read. I had to buy an additional bookshelf for this year’s books only.
  8. I actually really like hugs. I used to be so awkward with them, even with family members. Being from a northern country, we like to keep our distance normally, but since moving to the UK, university years have taught me that is actually quite nice to wrap arms around someone.
  9. Why do we still allow media posts? Seriously, the amount of crap I have read there is outrageous!
  10. My love language is food. Honestly, dinner dates, dates that involve cooking, edible gifts- the dream!
  11. Leaving the Christmas tree until the first of February should be not frowned upon.


If you have some time to come up with your own thoughts about the previous year or the current one, write them down, I found it quite satisfying and encouraging to do so.

And happy New 2022! Hope this year brings some beauty, new ideas, health and self-love.

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