September has been amazing this month! Most of the days have been warm and sunny, everyone is outside breathing fresh autumn air, keeping mobile, and slowly getting ready for some Halloween vibes. Pumpkin spiced latte is back up again, earlier than usual this year, however, people have been dealing with some crap this whole year, so why not? I had one as well but have been getting less hyped about it every year. It might be to do with the reduced sugar intake I have been trying to stick to. Which means every sugary drink agrees with my body less and less.

We talked to my partner a few weeks ago about something people do not necessarily think about as an issue and that is MOLD. He used to live in an apartment back home where mold covered part of the window sills and the rooms themselves were humid and nippy especially during autumn and early spring. He was also suffering from chronic runny nose and migraines but never put those two together at that time. The unusual fact he noticed was that every time he was going away for the weekend, the cold-like symptoms reduced.

He moved to the UK a few years later to a beautiful flat we have been living in for 4 years already. It is quiet, clean with beautiful views, amazing neighbors, and the most amazing part- non-humid, warm, and mold-free! He has been runny nose-free since then. Migraines are a very rare occurrence also.

The problem with mold is that it produces something called mycotoxins- toxins produced by certain types of molds. It can enter your body by touch, swallowing, or breathing. Mycotoxins are odor-free, increase the risk of various cancers, and can be deadly in some cases over time. There are people who are even more sensitive to mold that carry a certain gene- HLA-DR.

Signs and symptoms can vary from person to person, but the most common issues are hypersensitivity to foods that you didn’t use to have sensitivity to, widespread pain and fatigue (like in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome) and irritable bowel syndrome, reduced immune system strength, cough and runny nose, eye irritation, skin issues, and sleeping disorders.

Doctors are slow to recognize mold as a significant issue in a lot of cases, unfortunately, but there are definitely things you can do to help your body’s detox system. Number one would be moving out of the high humidity-moldy building if you live in one or talk to professionals regards your mold issue in the house-there are ways to detect if your house is slowly making you sick. Body-wise- Thyroid, kidney, and liver support are a must, and exercises and/or saunas are important to sweat out excess toxins. You can always talk to a functional medicine practitioner or a naturopath, a lot of them are trained in dealing with mold toxicity.

So if you find yourself constantly going to see your GP and not getting far, this is one aspect of your health to consider. Have a chat with your doctor, they might be interested in helping you with doing additional blood tests and aiding in your recovery.

Otherwise, whilst you are taking care of your body, don’t forget to give it a good boost in our office also. We have chiropractors, physios, and massage therapists available.

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