Weekend of sun and up to 20 degrees. How great has this October been so far?

I do not want to jinx it, but as long as this month stays warm, colourful, and relatively dry, I can appreciate autumn more this year. Halloween is creeping in and I have decided to substitute this year’s pumpkin spice lattes for a simple hot chocolate. The tv ads and movie scenes have done their job of making me think that I am supposed to sip on something warm during the autumn and winter seasons.

There is a new place in Brighton where you can choose the strength/sweetness /bitterness of the hot chocolate yourself. I have gone for 73% and 80% dark within my two visits as I cannot stand the high sugar content in everyday coffee shop hot chocolate, and my oh my, how good they were! You can also buy your own box of their chocolate melts to make your drink at home. I know what I will be asking my partner for Christmas, but we will keep the ‘’C’’ word for another blog later as I am aware of the strict readers who are already shaking their fists at my seasonal obsession. I will soon get to you.

Today’s topic was inspired by a dear friend of mine I talked to a few weeks ago. We haven’t talked for a while as I did not want to bother her as she seemed busy and not interested in chats at the time. There was a day I just kept thinking about her and decided to give her a call. It ended up being a long and heavy conversation. She has gone through a hard year losing people, her flat, savings, and the life she loved. She is still fighting through and managing her health as best as she can despite the given circumstances, which I find amazing. After the call, I had a good think about my life in general.

I have always appreciated my life, but being human we always thrive for something bigger, better, and shinier and do sometimes forget to admire the relationships, health, and things we have now. Saying that there is also nothing wrong with wanting something more in life or not being entirely satisfied with today’s life. It is also okay to feel sad or low despite others doing worse than you do. My grandma always used to say that I simply cannot be upset about anything in life as there are children in Africa starving (which meant they are doing so much worse than I am). I always had food on the table, a roof above my head, and family around. For years I felt guilty every time I was not happy about my life’s circumstances. Would I agree with her now? Definitely no, haha, but I do appreciate her trying to comfort me.

Our office has also been blessed with so many clients who have been kind enough to share the part of their darker life stories and experiences, the losses and hardships they have gone through. It is amazing what their bodies have handled over the years of stress and negativity.  For a lot of them, chiropractic and/or massage therapy have been one of the missing pieces in their mind and body’s healing journey, as it is so hard to heal when your body is feeling tense.

Many of the clients I have seen are just looking for a brief relief after the burden that they carry every single day has started to hurt their bodies and the pain eventually becomes unbearable. Others decide to heal slowly and steadily until the body doesn’t need to carry as much stress anymore. There are also people who do not feel like their mind and body can improve and leave it until they are ready to take another step towards their healing process.

No matter your decision, we are here to help in any way you need and appreciate you doing something to improve your health and quality of life.

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